Enameled lavastone worktops and tables – plain or hand painted – Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Pool house, Swimming pool, Counter, Bar, Fresque

Enameled lavastone is a volcanic stone from the center of France (Massif Central – Auvergne).

lavastone to the cutting

This stone was used for construction (ex. Cathedral of Clermont Ferrand) and is strong and enamel temperature heating (1000 C°).

Moreover, it is frost resist and the enamel is insensitive to UV which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use.

We use it for the production of :

  • Worktops and kitchen splashbacks
  • Bathroom tops
  • Shower wall
  • Massive shower tray
  • Map view
  • Outdoors tables (plain or painted)
  • Bar and restaurant counters
  • house name plates
  • Cladding
  • Pavements and tiles
  • Ovens and chimneys
Google photo Carrelages Pierre Versace
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Google photo Carrelages Pierre Versace
Achievements pictures (click on text) :
Glazed lavastone worktops
Bathroom tiles and glazed lava stone worktops
Glazed lavastone Tables