Enameled lavastone worktops and tables – plain or hand painted – Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Pool house, Swimming pool, Counter, Bar, Fresque

Enameled lavastone is a volcanic stone from the center of France (Massif Central – Auvergne).

lavastone to the cutting

This stone was used in the past for the construction (ex. Cathedral of Clermont Ferrand). Now we use mainly for enamel base because it is resistant and it can support the heat for enamel in kiln (1000 C°) enabling us to provide worktops up to 3,0 m in one piece. Moreover, it is frost, water & humidity resistant,  the enamel is insensitive to UV and heat of the sun which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use.


We use it for the production of :

  • Worktops and kitchen splashbacks
  • Bathroom tops
  • Shower wall
  • Massive shower tray
  • Map view
  • Outdoors tables (plain or painted)
  • Bar and restaurant counters
  • house name plates
  • Cladding
  • Pavements and tiles
  • Ovens and chimneys
Google photo Carrelages Pierre Versace
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Google photo Carrelages Pierre Versace
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